John Haywood for U. S. Senate 2022/White House 2024  


The Census Bureau says: whites have lost their majorities in nineteen states with more such losses expected leading to a nationwide non-white majority by the 2040s. As late as 1965 white births averaged 3.5 per woman but today stand at 1.6 bpw this platform:

  1. Bring back the 1935 Nat. Labor Rel. Act that labor may once again organize and exercise collective bargaining rights
  2. Repeal the Equal Emp. Opp. laws passed in the 1960s that divide American labor
  3. Repeal the Motor Carries Act (1980) that’s driven many a truck driver to penury
  4. Restore the 91% highest income tax rate (effective 1945-1965) to keep most money circulating and growing the economy instead of building dangerous income/wealth inequalities that cause recessions
  5. Enact a national health service for efficient delivery of health services and elimination of a private $6.6k per year per person tax on workers
  6. Try in military courts the employers who hire illegal Mexicans who take American jobs
  7. Revert to all-white regular immigration changed to 85% non-white immigration in 1965 when Sen. Ted Kennedy promised: “It won’t change the ethnic mix.” Boy, was he ever wrong
  8. Authorize the next Pres. to appoint 16 additional justices to make an ineffective minority of a subverted and extremely right-wing Supreme Court
    Not one of these reforms is possible as long as the U. S. remains subverted by racist, right-wing Zionism.

Legislators in the Republican-controlled state houses oppose these reforms. In those states where white majority rule has been lost or is threatened, these legislators make this tempting offer to the whites:  We’ll pass laws to suppress non-white voting.  Our Supreme Court majority will readily uphold these laws even though they’re blatantly unconstitutional and you whites will remain in power long after losing your majority. This cannot but end in bloodshed and even war with Mexico–a war we are increasingly unlikely to win as the white majority within our armed forces shrinks, disappears and becomes a minority as is expected to occur within a decade.

An unknown pundit predicted during the election of 1896: “Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption will follow in which the Money Power will endeavor to prolong its reign until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed.” I contend in my platform (accessible as per below) that the chief agents of the Money Power have been the justices of the Supreme Court.  I give numerous and specific examples of what Lincoln called “perversions of the Constitution”.  As already stated, I seek authorization for the next president to appoint sixteen additional justices, and I conclude the platform with a suggested order for a new majority to enter that includes restoration and preservation of a woman’s right to abortion.

One of the Court’s worst decisions was National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012) in which five Republican appointees and two Jewish Democratic justices ruled unconstitutional a Congressional mandate to the states to expand Medicaid to the 28 million working poor or lose all Medicaid funding.  When you deny health care to that many people, millions of premature deaths cannot help but occur the White House.

Zionism being a form of racist fanaticism, few progressive politicians can in good conscience ignore it.  When they speak against it, the Zionists defame them.  A libel suit to restore reputation becomes their only recourse, but N.Y. Times v. Sullivan (1964) requires all public figure libel plaintiffs to allege facts that show “actual malice”—a nebulous and impossible-to-meet standard w/o this precise definition of act. mal. provided: “knowing or reckless falsehood.”  Zionists have pressured the courts into pretending that definition isn’t there, all such suits are therefore dismissed for failure to meet the act. mal. standard, SCOTUS refuses review, and the plaintiff is ordered to pay defendant’s attys’ fees “for chilling defendant’s 1st Amend Rights.”

During the 2008 campaign Barack Obama promised “change” from Republican policies and “hope” to the American people.  He delivered on neither.  Not one of the major players in the fraudulent activity that preceded the financial crisis was brought to justice. He reappointed as Fed chair Bush pick Ben Bernanke, who’d lowered the Fed’s funds interest rate from 5.25% to 0.0% and initiated quantitative easing to create $1.3t to buy financial assets from banks and government–all of which treated symptoms rather than the causes of the financial crisis.  Mr. Bernanke’s policies, mimicked by his successors, have simply kicked the can down the road, created trillions of dollars in private/public debt, and forced all retirement savings into the stock and bond markets.  Moreover, the Bush tax cuts, a major contributor to the income inequality that caused the financial crisis and were due to expire at the end of 2010, were extended after Mr. Obama colluded with Republicans behind the backs of the Dem. Congressional leadership. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was not only Mr. Obama’s most vocal critic, but the only person with the stature and name recognition to have a clear chance of unseating him in the 2012 presidential primaries.  Yet the VT senator failed to challenge him in neighboring NH.  Why?

I believe it’s because the Israeli leadership had already decided to use its SCOTUS-granted newfound social media monopoly (see below) to continue Mr. Obama’s right-wing policies and asked Senator Sanders to stand aside for 2012 with at least an implied promise of future support. When Sanders ran for President in 2016, one of his staffers called Israeli PM Netanyahu an a-hole on her social media a few weeks before the New York primary.  Sanders promptly fired her, but it didn’t help because the Zionists were supporting Hillary Clinton who won in New York and at convention.  Running again in 2020, a thoroughly disillusioned Sanders unloaded on Netanyahu in a debate in South Carolina: “…you have a reactionary racist who is now running that country.”

Zionism is a political cult that converted several prominent British and American citizens, namely A. J. Balfour and Winston Churchill in the U. K. and President Woodrow WIlson and Justice Louis Brandeis in the U. S. When the Germans threatened to sink the Lusitania, First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill ordered protection away from it as told by Erik Larson in Dead Wake (2016). Brandeis acted as liaison between W. and B to bypass the Senate-confirmed Sec. of State; Wilson sacrificed the lives of 55,000 servicemen that the  British might hand Palestine to the Zionists as reward for bringing America into the war and saving Britain from certain defeat and loss of  empire. For more details of this rather sordid story, email the candidate at gmail prefix 16forjustice, subject platform.  Its pdf is available w/o charge to those who email gmail prefix 16forjustice@, subject “platform.”

The authoritative work on Zionism is in three-volumes and titled Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews written in 2009-2010 by Alan Hart, a British journalist who covered the Mideast for decades and who was on a first name basis with all the leaders in the region. Here is the foreword to Vol. 1 written by Rabbi Ahron Cohen: “Perhaps the biggest perplexity of the current world political scene is the acceptance by most western countries of the respectability of the State of Israel. This puzzling state of affairs has developed over many decades and it has apparently long been forgotten, firstly by most Jews, that Zionism, which begat the State of Israel, is a total desertion of Jewish religious belief and values, and secondly by the world at large, that Zionism was founded as a cold-blooded policy of colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and terrorism.”   

In 2010 a Zionist journalist asked Helen Thomas, 89-year-old dean of the White House Press Corps, if she had “a message for the Jews.” Believing she was engaged in a private conversation as they walked across the White House lawn, she answered as the journalist’s associate videoed her with his flip phone: “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine!  Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land.” The nation was aghast. Mr. Obama called her remarks “offensive.”  Her speaking engagements/book contract were canceled. An award named for her was discontinued.  Her reaction: “The Zionists own the press, and Hollywood too.”

In July 2021 I submitted an ad to the Raleigh News & Observer announcing my candidacy.  The ad was rejected by their legal team with this email sent in bold: “We do not allow advertisers to publish something as blatantly racist as this political ad.  If the campaign wants to reference tax reform, GDP growth, and American workers’ rights generally, that is fine.  However, I’d highly recommend that the references to ‘whites’, ‘white dominance’, and ‘Mexican employees’ as well as the references to obtaining a copy of the publication ‘White Nation Going, Going, Gone’ be removed entirely.” I revised it.  I had no choice.

If the Zionists hadn’t already obtained control over the regular media, they wouldn’t have bothered obtaining a social media monopoly from SCOTUS for Zionist Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/Chairman of Facebook.  Zuckerberg began buying up all his actual/potential competitors as soon as Bell Atlantic v. Twombly (2007) was decided.  FB investor Roger McNamee says Zuckerberg acted as kingmaker in the 2012 and 2016 elections in Zucked, Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe (2019). On June 28, 2021 Federal District Court Judge James Boasberg confirmed the monopoly by dismissing w/o trial an antitrust suit to break up Facebook brought by forty-eight state attorneys general.

The U. S. won’t be free of right-wing government until every Palestinian has been freed and the scourge of Zionism wiped from the face of the earth. The U. K. & France being just as subverted as we, an American/ Chinese/ Russian alliance to present such combined military might as to assure a peaceful Jewish exodus and destruction of Israel’s WMD’s is the only solution.

Please donate by check payable to Haywood for Senate, P. O. Box. 52706, Durham, NC 27717-2706. Include mailing address/employer/occupation. Limit is $2,900 pp per election. For your information, forty-three senators have signed onto a bill to imprison American citizens for up to 20 years for supporting a boycott of Israel.  It won’t pass this year, but it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Written and approved by John Haywood. Paid for by Haywood for Senate. Primary is 5/17/22.