About Me

John Haywood

I was born the son of a lawyer at a Navy hospital at the end of World War II.  Raised in Durham, N. C., I graduated from Durham Academy (K-6), Carr Junior High (7-9), Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va. (10-12), and UNC-Chapel Hill (BA 1967, JD 1970). In 1970 I married a staunch Republican and began three years of active duty with Navy JAG in Norfolk, Va.

Returning to Durham in 1973, I became an associate in a law firm where my father was senior partner.  My name was added to the firm when I became its sixth partner.  My dad, another partner, and I were members of International Association of Insurance Counsel, and one of our principal clients was the local newspaper for which I handled defamation claims and one libel suit.

Starting in 1979 our family grew with the birth of two daughters and two sons.  A year after my dad’s death I came home to handle family investments and join my wife in homeschooling our children through the 12th grade.  All were admitted to and graduated from competitive colleges, three have masters, and a fourth is a stay-at-home mom following a career in insurance.

Other than voting for Hubert Humphrey, I voted Republican in every election through George W. Bush’s first run.  Although Bush’s tax on dividends benefited us personally, it significantly worsened existing income and wealth inequalities.  Fortunately, the legislation was written so it would sunset Dec. 31, 2010.

But Barack Obama saved it by colluding with Republicans behind the backs of the Democratic leadership in Congress. When he did, I tried to persuade our Senator Hagan to run against him in New Hampshire.  When she didn’t, I started work on a comprehensive platform for that purpose, filed, put my platform on my website, and joined eight other “lesser knowns” in challenging Mr. Obama. A week before the primary a profile of me was published on a New England college journalism website which reported I’d repeatedly uttered certain anti-Semitic filth in a telephone interview.  I’d done no such thing.

Representing myself, I sued for libel in Federal District Court.  My suit was dismissed without trial, I paid over $23k in attorneys’ fees, appealed, lost the appeal but escaped another $70k in fees, and finally petitioned the Supreme Court which denied it.

In 2016 I began a political party called “The Just Say No to Racism Party” which decried color and Zionist racism. I folded it in 2018.  In 2019 I wrote White Nation Going, Going Gone using my 2012 platform plus speeches put on the web at my 2016 party website.

I have six wonderful grandchildren, and it breaks my heart to think they will become minority in a country founded by whites. This country has historically and to this very day treated its minorities abominably as reported in White Nation… It was none other than A. J. “Bloody” (the Irish named him that) Balfour, patron saint of Zionism, who said: “The tyranny of kings is nothing compared to the tyranny of majorities.”

My candidacy for Senator from North Carolina as stepping stone to the White House offers the country a last chance to preserve its white majority and avoid the domestic violence and possible invasion that will likely accompany and follow white majority loss.